Krokusfestival 2020

From 19 to 27 February 2020, the 23rd edition of the KROKUSFESTIVAL will take place in Hasselt. KROKUSFESTIVAL is an international arts festival for young audiences.

KROKUSFESTIVAL presents established companies as well as new and emerging artists and reaches out to all ages, from babies to toddlers, to young children, to teenagers. The festival offers theatre, dance, object theatre, performance, music, visuals, interactive installations and digital art forms. This year, KROKUSFESTIVAL presents 34 companies (21 Belgian and 13 international) from 10 countries: Canada, Brazil, Chile, Norway, Denmark, Switzerland, France, Taiwan, The Netherlands and the United Kingdom. You can find the programme here.

Apart from the performances, Krokusfestival also offers workshops and exchanges for professionals: a workshop by Tjimur Dance Theatre (19 February), artistic exchange between La Llave Maestra and 4 Belgian artists (20 and 21 February), a workshops/masterclass by Théâtre Incliné (27 February), a workshop and kitchen table in the scope of the TEEN project (22 and 23 February), a seminar on the possibilities and challenges of new technologies and digital arts in TYA (26 February) and the fourth part of THINK LOCAL CREATE GLOBAL, now focusing on sustainability and festivals (24 February).

Professionals who want to visit the festival should register first by sending an email to

Picture: Experience Trail – Les Zerkiens

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