Open call for young artists: Take part in the ASSITEJ Artistic Gathering in Kristiansand

From 2 to 7 September, the ASSITEJ Artistic Gathering will take place during the SAND festival in Kristiansand (Norway). Once a year, ASSITEJ International organizes such a meeting for its members from all over the world. The gathering is designed to stimulate and encourage artistic activity and exchange. It is the perfect occasion for professionals […]

Save the date: National Gathering — 24.05.2019

FR — La rencontre nationale de 2019 aura lieu à Charleroi à l’occasion de l’édition annuelle de Pépites, le festival international pour tout-petits, organisé par le Théâtre de la Guimbarde. | NL — De National Gathering 2019 vindt plaats in Charleroi tijdens Pépites, een jaarlijks internationaal festival voor de allerjongsten georganiseerd door Théâtre de la Guimbarde.

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