SAVE THE DATES – Activities 2017

In  2017, ASSITEJ Belgium will organise a number of activities. On Friday 28 April, you are welcome to join us on a bus trip to Liège and Sankt Vith. We will visit Les Ateliers de la Colline (Seraing) and AGORA Theater (Sankt Vith), where we will watch the show Kartoffelsuppe (Aardappelsoep), a coproduction of AGORA Theater and Laika. The day will be a perfect occasion to discover the work of some ASSITEJ colleagues and inspiring collaborations, as well as a good moment for informal networking. More info will follow soon!

On 10 October, we will organise a national ASSITEJ gathering during the Mind the World Festival by HETPALEIS in Antwerp. This festival will be organised for the first time from 5-15 October. It will group (international) performances for children and youngsters that explicitly relate to some pressing issues in our society of today. Apart from shows, the festival programme will also consist of workshops and reflection. The ASSITEJ day will be closely linked to the themes of the festival. More info will follow later.

Image: Kartoffelsuppe (Aardappelsoep) – AGORA Theater and Laika

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