Showcase ASSITEJ Netherlands

On 3, 4 and 5 September 2016, our colleagues from ASSITEJ Netherlands will be organising a Dutch Showcase programme. The theme is ‘The City in all its Diversity’. The programme will consist of encounters and a selection of Dutch theatre productions for young audiences. It will take place in different locations in Amsterdam (with theatre […]

Happy 2016!

ASSITEJ Belgium wishes all members an inspiring and creative 2016. We hope it will be a year of intense collaboration between the different communities in Belgium as art for young children crosses borders in any sense. Also in 2016 we plan two national gatherings strengthening contacts and exchanging ideas. We are also examining how to […]

Projectoproep Cultureel Akkoord / Appel à projets Accord Culturel

pour français: voir au-dessous De Vlaamse en de Franse Gemeenschap lanceren een projectoproep voor culturele organisaties uit beide Gemeenschappen om, in partnership, culturele projecten of evenementen te realiseren. Culturele actoren uit beide Gemeenschappen kunnen samen een projectvoorstel indienen. Elk project moet minstens één partner uit elke Gemeenschap tellen. Het kan gaan om nieuwe samenwerkingen of bestaande […]

National Gathering – Turbulences

During the festival Turbulences in Namur, ASSITEJ BELGIUM will organize a second national meeting. The aim is that artists, companies and professionals from the three Belgian communities can get to know each other better and can come to a real exchange. The day will be a mix of networking moments and discussions about topics such […]


After a quiet time, we are back! Though we did enjoy some summer sun, we didn’t sit still. We are preparing a new national meeting on 25 November in Namur (more info below), we went to the artistic gathering in Berlin, spoke to the cabinet of the Flemish Minister of Culture, launched a new website […]

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