Selected international productions at Artistic Gathering 2018

These are the selected international productions at the ASSITEJ Artistic Gathering 2018 in Beijing!

7 Chinese and 10 International TYA productions coming from five continents have been selected by ASSITEJ China to perform in Beijing (August 18th-24th):

• Mandragora Circus (Mandragora Circo, Argentina)
• China Idiom Stories (Children’s Theatre of Charlotte, America)
• The Snowman Who Wanted to Meet the Sun (Tandarica Animation Theatre, Romania)
• AHA! (Magnet Theatre, South Africa)
• Yao Yao (Brush Theatre, South Korea)
• Sunny Ray and the Magnificent Moon (Arena Theatre Company, Australia)
• Cube Circus (The Train Theatre, Israel)
• Sparrow (Theatre Fot, Norway)
• Kashtanka (Kazaliste Virovitica Theatre, Croatia)
• The Red Ridinghood (The Puppet and Actor Theatre of Walbrzych, Poland)

Workshop programme
Alongside the performances, a workshop programme consisting of around 30 international workshops, talks and presentations will take place during the seven days in Beijing. More information about the workshops will be available soon!

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